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  We Think

Measure twice and cut once.
We make sure to design the app You need. Having a solid design means there won't be surprises as the development begins. We'll provide as much help and guidance as possible, so no worries if it's your first app.

  We Develop

Each section of the app gets developed independently. This modular design will allow us to iterate rapidly and allow you to follow along the development. As each section is completed you'll get the working prototype to test.

  We Deliver

Once the app is in working beta we'll deliver it to you to test it on your own device. Having your whole app in your hands is invaluable. You'll be able to see it in action and use it internally (with an enterprise developer account) or submit it to the AppStore.

  • All of our apps are designed to grow sales and maximize revenue, create operational efficiencies and manage churn/revenue loss.
  • Our currently developed Apps are fully operational and can be customized to an individual company's needs.
  • We can take almost any of your ideas and custom build a new app.
  • Not just iOS... your new App can be developed for Android as well.

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Our Apps


Have you been looking for a cost-effective way to boost employee performance, show appreciation, and provide an incentive your staff will love, without breaking the bank?
Look no further!
The ChuckBuck app lets the employee decide what their reward should be. Easily fill the app with local retailers, restaurants, airline miles, department stores ... the sky's the limit! The employee collects their ChuckBucks for a job well done and picks their prize, from a burger to an island vacation. Talk about motivation!

View ChuckBuck Demo


Meet Bernie, Your Personal Meeting and Classroom Assistant. Set your meeting or classroom time, frequency of your subjects and let Bernie keep you on task and schedule. Bernie will not just continually show you how many minutes you have left from your meeting but also how many minutes until your next subject. Say goodbye to the regret that you didn't have enough time to cover every topic at your meeting or in a classroom. Let Bernie keep you on queue.


This easy to use app allows managers or business owners to take the guesswork out of what their door-to-door sales agents are doing. Knock is intuitive and can auto detect current location and find addresses. Users can select multiple options for types of media left at an address and add notes. View previously submitted knocks in a separate section for follow-ups. The app provides sales and overall stats with filters.
Never miss a sale or an opportunity to follow-up!


With IRD2Scan you get 2 apps in one! IRD Scan and Code Scan. Both of them use the built in camera for scanning.
IRD2Scan allows you to scan and organize barcodes into folders. Add as many folders and codes as you like. Email folders and barcodes to one or more recipient(s) as an auto generated CSV file for offsite use or storage.

IRD2Scan has been developed and actively used to manage warehouse inventory in the satellite television industry. It can be used to scan barcoded serial and inventory information for most any industry.


Go Paperless! This app has an easy to use, intuitive interface and loads work-orders from a backend cloud server. Users can have a customer sign right on the device. The app automatically generates a PDF document with all the customer's information and signatures embedded in it. Once a document is generated, email it to the backend office or customer with the click of a button.
Stop wasting paper and time!